Gross Perthun

Conventional user-friendly Paint systems

„Our products are used in many different sectors of industry.“

To ensure that our paints and tailor-made coatings are of the highest quality, experienced engineers are working to develop new products in order to constantly adapt them to new demands in application and manufacturing technology. Every fourth employee works in the laboratory to help make our paints even more efficient in the future.

We develop easy to use high-solid systems with outstanding product features providing wide-ranging and process specific solutions to meet all kind of demands. As a result, we can minimize costs, improve the quality of your products and at the same time implement regulations such as the VOC Directive..

our user-friendly paint systems

  • oxidative drying systems (e.g. Grossol)
  • two-component systems (e.g. Gromalit)
  • high-temperature curing systems (e.g. Pertunol)
  • special products