Gross Perthun

Scope of application for our coatings in the agricultural vehicle sector

Apart from numerous functional properties, the key requirements for paints and coatings in the agricultural vehicle sector are above all color, brilliance and gloss. Despite constant physical and chemical strain, long-term durability and resistance against all kind of mechanical and chemical impact as well as weather and UV-resistance should be ensured by applying the required coating. Apart from high-quality system solutions, we are able to offer a wide range of further system solutions including high-solid products as well as spot repair articles for the aftersales market.

Our products for the bus and commercial vehicle sector

  • Grossol-primer
  • Grossol-W-primer
  • Grossol-Aerosol-primer
  • Grossol-varnish
  • Grossol-W-varnish
  • Grossol-Aerosol-varnish
  • Gromalit-2-pack-primer
  • Gromalit-2-pack-W-primer
  • Gromalit-2-pack-EP-primer
  • Gromalit-2-pack-HS-primer
  • Gromalit-2-pack-UHS-primer
  • Gromalit-2-pack-varnish
  • Gromalit-2-pack-HS-varnish
  • Gromalit-2-pack-UHS-varnish
  • Gromalit-2-pack-Aerosol varnish
  • Pertunol-W-varnish
  • Pertunol EP/PE primer powder
  • Pertunol NT powder coating
  • Pertunol PE powder coating
  • Pertunol exhaust pipe varnish
  • Pertunol zinc dust paint