Gross Perthun

Scope of application for our coatings in foundries

We offer a wide variety of different surface coatings for the protection of cast components. It ranges from simple short-term protection against corrosion up to high quality top coatings – with our dip primers and dip coating systems we are able to comply with countless specifications. We can provide a wide range of products with extremely high bonding characteristics on different substrates, fast transport consistency and exterior storage resistance, excellent chemical and equipment stability as well as many more application methods.

Scope of application for our products in foundries

  • Grossol-primer
  • Grossol-W-primer
  • Grossol-varnish
  • Grossol-W-varnish
  • Grossol-W-dip primer
  • Grossol-one-coat varnish
  • Gromalit-2-pack-primer
  • Gromalit-2-pack-W-primer
  • Gromalit-2-pack-EP-primer
  • Gromalit-2-pack-HS-primer
  • Gromalit-2-pack-varnish
  • Gromalit-2-pack-HS-varnish
  • Pertunol-W-dip primer
  • Pertunol-W-varnish