Gross Perthun

development at the paint factory Gross & Perthun

„Development skills have always been our strength.“

Further development through competence and know-how

To ensure high quality of our paints and tailor-made coatings, our well-experienced engineers refine continuously our products in order to meet new requirements in application and production technology. One in four workplaces is equipped with laboratory staff who are working on further increasing efficiency of our paints and developing user-friendly systems with outstanding product features.

We offer wide-ranging, process specific solutions to meet all kinds of needs and demands. In that way, we do not only contribute to lowering the process costs, but also increasing the quality of your products in compliance with legal provisions such as the VOC directives.

Solutions with system

The close cooperation and partnership with Gross & Perthun starts with the specification of the desired paint system for the customer. Together with you, the customer and the manufacturer of paint systems, we specify, plan, develop and create the best solution for your process.

Our experts for surfaces as well as our paint engineers develop target and problem oriented, economically and qualitatively sophisticated solutions in order to improve the production processes.

The result is a coating which not only complies with the latest economic and ecological findings, but also meets the highest quality standards you can expect.