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Environmentally-friendly Paints and coating systems

Up-to-date surface coatings should not only be decorative and visually appealing - they are also supposed to protect the coated material. The requirements for modern coating systems are virtually endless. Our highly modern coating and paint systems meet all kinds of requirements and are perfectly suitable for high-quality coating of metal, plastic and wooden surfaces in the industrial sector.

Paint systems for industrial painting

The high-tech industrial paint systems of Gross & Perthun meet even the toughest demands. Special care is given to the development of our tailor-made paints and coating systems in terms of user and environmental friendliness. We offer the following systems for different areas of application:

Each of our products is precisely designed and developed according to the specific coating and paint process of our clients. Detailed knowledge of pre-treatment steps, the materials used as well as the available manufacturing parameters ensure that we use exactly the right product on your component. We provide for optimum adhesion on different surfaces as well as high resistance to mechanical and/or chemical exposure.

The right paint system – for industrial application as well

Whether it is about primer, filler of final coating, conventional or water-based, medium, high or ultra-high solid, wet paint or powder coating, functional or floor coating - we can supply the right and suitable product for your individual field of application.

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