Gross Perthun

Scope of application for our coatings in the bus and commercial vehicle sector

The demands for paints and coatings in this special sector are very high. Not only durable protection of the chassis and the interior floor structure against heavy strain are crucial factors - especially for the municipal vehicles - also easy cleaning and water resistance are important requirements for our products. In addition, our solvent-free coating systems make an important contribution to the environment.

Our products for the bus and commercial vehicle sector

  • Gromalit-2-pack-EP-primer
  • Gromalit-2-pack-PU-levelling compound
  • Gromalit-2-pack-PU-levelling filler
  • Gromalit-2-pack-PU-filling compound
  • Gromalit-2-pack-PU-functional coating
  • Gromalit-2-pack-PU-universal compound
  • Gromalit-2-pack-PU-decorative coating
  • Gromalit-2-pack-clear coating
  • Gromalit-2-pack-PU-tread plate coating
  • Gromalit-2-pack-PU-highlighting color
  • Gromalit-2-pack-PU-decorative boot coating
  • Gromalit-2-pack-PU-anti graffiti coating